Xeneo X21 Portable Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof with FM. Xeneo X21 Portable speaker is a magnificent type of Bluetooth speaker that gives you the sound of music clearing. The music pumps out rich bass. For your listing pressure, you can pair up to two xeneo speakers simultaneously by creating the left and right channels. The combined output generates powerful full stereo sound all around you.  You Can immerse yourself in 360 degrees sound with this compacted speaker.

Xeneo X21 Portable Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof with FM

it comes with Amazing features like the  FM  radio that enables you listing to music, and News, through a quality sound speaker indoors and outdoors. Strong FM reception can search and all available station in your area picks all station reliably and clearly. With this Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth devices, an option to play endlessly TF card, Aux-in modes Bluetooth 4.2 support any Bluetooth device, up to 66 feet maintain a stable strong connection and no worry about losing music when you take it far away. The Bluetooth is built last long to play music. You can take it anywhere or toss away into your backpack for camping, biking and hiking. IPX6 rated waterproof protection against water splash, Snow dust. Enjoy music in the shower even in the rain. Feel free to play your music adventure water-related activities.

Features Xeneo X21 Portable Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof with FM

  • Super Handy Multifunctional indoor and outdoor speaker with Built-in FM radio that makes you stay tune anywhere you go.
  • Build to last and 1oo% satisfaction Guarantee; Build-in 2400mAh rechargeable Lion battery.
  • A portable speaker comes with all kinds of features you need to fill your life and joy.
  • Dual wireless stereo pairing for Awesome stereo.

Where to Get this Product

Are you looking for where to get this amazing product? I must tell you have come to the right place because Amazon offers free support for you to purchase this product for up to a 1-year warranty and 30 days return free.



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