When talking about travel bags for kids, most parents think mobility and comfort are key factors to consider when buying travelling bags for their children and they are true. Travelling bags for kids are supposed to be strong so it can handle the wear and tear most especially when it comes to bags with Zips.  As we all know children can play a lot with zips so you have to make sure that the quality of the zips is high to ensure that it does not get torn.

Travel Bags for Kids

Another factor to consider is to make sure that the bag is easy for kids to carry along when travelling. Questions like “can my kids carry this bag without falling” should be asked. You must consider the wheels, zips and pockets and make sure that they are safe for your kids to travel with.

Some of the Best Travel Bags for Kids

Below are some travelling Bags that are recommended for your kids. Keep reading below with close attention.

Whirl Junior Backpack Trolley

This travel bag for kids has light-up wheels and it is comfortable while travelling with it because of its functional trolley features. The bag has a motion-activated light-up wheel, three zipped compartments with double zip and its main compartment. The shoulder straps of this bag are adjustable to give your kids great comfort while travelling.

Wink Teeny Hardtop Trolley Bag

This bag is a very great bag. It is advised to purchase the bag for your kids because; it can give them great comfort while travelling. The bag has a main compartment with double Zips, two internal mesh pockets and an extendable plastic handle which make carrying of this bag easy for kids when travelling.

Express Trolley Backpack with Light up Wheels

This bag is very perfect for travelling because of the functional trolley feature that it possesses. It also has a cool light-up wheel. The Express Trolley Backpack with Light up Wheels comes with four zipped compartments, main compartment. Purchase it for your kids and you will never regret doing that.

Swish Holdall Bag

This bag is a stylish bag that is perfect for travelling and sporting activities. The bag possesses a four zipped compartment, main compartment and double zip. The shoulder straps of this bag are adjustable and removable and it also has a double handle for carrying.

Skip Hop Kids Luggage with Wheels

This kid travelling bag is a unicorn-shaped bag with front zip and a pocket to keep your kid’s favourite belongings like toys for their easy reach. The bag has a retractable handle of 13 inches for carrying. Because of its handle, it can be easily carried by kids. The bag has good wheels that can make the bag easily transported while travelling.

Kids Wash Bag

The Kids wash bag is a kind of bag that is meant for carrying or can hold children dirty clothes while travelling if there are any. This toiletry bag has a durable material and all its three compartments have zips to secure your kid’s belongings. The bag is small in appearance but it can hold a lot of your belongings.

Wildkin Kids Overnight Duffel Bag

The Wildkin Kids Overnight Duffel Bag is perfect for travelling. It can carry all the belongings of your kids because it has the space to hold them. This is the kind of bag you should consider purchasing for your children when they are travelling.

Minnie Mouse Bag

The bag has a good motion wheel to help in carrying your children belongings when travelling. It is a rolling school bag pack which is easy to clean when dirty. The main compartment has a very good zipper closure and some very good pockets.

Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase and Cary on Luggage

The Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase and Cary On Luggage is a bag that has a Multifunctional strap. The bag has funny pictures drawn in it to befriend little ones. It is definitely amongst one of the best Travel Bags for Kids.

Marvel Black Panther

The Marvel Black Panther bag is made of an easy to clean material. The material can easily be washed and it has adjustable, removable shoulder straps for multiple carrying options. It has large compartments with good zips to help in securing your belongings.


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