When it comes to choosing the right pairs of short, not many men are confident that they are making the right choice. That is why we compiled a list of shorts for men. When you are done reading this there will no room for confusion. You will not be the guy that is confused when it comes to choosing the right pairs of shorts.

Shorts for Men you are likely going to Purchase

Over the last decade shorts of men have gotten shorter. The one responsible for this is Daniel Craig’s overexposed legs. People mostly think that the length of a short that grazes the bottom of a thigh is the best as it is also said by stylist Dan may. It is the most flattering short to any man’s body shape and it also avoids cutting of the knee.

List of Some Shorts for Men

Below i will be sharing with you some Shorts for Men. Waste no time and make sure that you are paying attention.

Chino Shorts

This short is best used when going for picnics, barbecues and balmy nights out on the med. Chino shorts are one of the best because they can be dressed in an up and down style if there is a tighter door policy.

Chino shorts can be paired with a classic shirt, navy blazer and with a very good pair of loafers. It can be used in whatever rooftop party you are going to.

Tailored Shorts

The Tailored short is best used with an ironed shirt which is very neat. It is very good for the office especially when the temperature is very high and to prevent heat also.

The short length is at the top of the knee and this is what makes it a Trend. It is very in any color of your choice. It can be paired with a long-sleeve button-down shirt.

Denim Shorts

The denim shorts can be worn with a pair of canvas and also a leather low top. The leather low top must be a fine gauge jumper or sweatshirt so that you don’t feel cold when the temperature is cold.

The short can withstand washes and that why it is one of the best when going to a pub beer garden. The denim short is durable and if you choose a dark color it will help in hiding most stains.

Sports Shorts

As it is called the sports shorts are used for sporting activities like going out for the gym and other running exercises. Go for colures like black, brown, or a navy blue to match a very nice sweatshirt.

Swim Shorts

The swim short as it is mentioned is a kind of short mainly used when going out for a beach or pool party. There are plenty of beach and poolside short choices for men in the market. One of the best to wear is the tailored styles in block colures.

One thing you should know is that the fabrics of this short have the tendency to dry easily.  You must make sure that whatever you put on top of this short should be simple. A good quality polo can be considered.

Printed Shorts

The printed short comes in different colors but it is advisable to stick to the camouflage or the bold stripes. It can be best paired with a polo shirt that has a collar or a plain white shirt and at the bottom a pair of black or tan penny loafers.

Drawstring Shorts

The drawstring short is a kind of short that has been rarely seen because of the different kind of sportswear which is now available in the market. But the short has now found its way of the cave in which it has been hidden.

The drawstring shorts have an athletic status and because of this, it should not be worn with a sports top unless you are going to the gym. If not, I will advise you to try a brightly colored plain t-shirt or a short sleeve shirt to make sure you look nice.

Nike Men’s Dry Training Shorts

The Nike men’s dry training short is a kind of short that will keep you dry and comfortable when you are active. This short will help you very much in your training sessions because the short has a sweat management technology and motion vents that allow you to move freely.

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic Short

The Wrangler Authentic Men’s Classic Short is 99% cotton and 1% spandex. The short has a pocket that can be zipped to ensure that your pocket money, car keys and other special belongings of yours are kept safe.

Dickies Men’s 13 Inch Loose Fit Multi-Pocket Work Short

This short sits at the waist and ends at the knee. It’s made of durable poly-cotton that resists entanglement. The short features a right leg multi-use pocket, side-seam hand pockets, welt back pockets for a flap-free look, permanent crease and zip fly.


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