If you haven’t heard of the presto 02811 coffee maker, then you are probably outdated or not interested in coffee electronics. Coffee makers come in different sizes nowadays. For you to get a coffee maker that suits your needs, you have to find the perfect size and cost. The presto 02811 coffee maker isn’t one of the usual costly coffee makers you know. The presto 02811 coffee maker is a simple coffee maker made with stainless steel. This coffee has a unique design which makes it worth the look.

Presto 02811 coffee maker

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Design of the Presto 02811 Coffee Maker

Despite clearly knowing that this coffee maker is a coffee percolator, its design might be a little different. The design of this coffee maker is a bit different from the conventional percolators you all know. To begin with, this coffee maker looks really nice sitting on your kitchen counter with that elegant stainless steel design. The size of this percolator coffee maker is thirteen inches in height and eight inches in width.

When purchasing this coffee percolator, some wrap around paper filters is provided. Despite the fact that you might need some extra hand on experience before you can get this coffee maker going, it does not rob the coffee of its sweet taste. After using this great coffee maker I observed that the stainless part gave the coffee a better taste compared to other plastic casings. I personally do not like plastic casings because of the smell it gives your coffee.

Features Of Presto

There are certain features that make this presto 02811 coffee maker an amazing choice for buyers. First off, you should know that this coffee maker does not have a digital button. Rather, it has a classical look that is easy to use. What this coffee maker has is a lower flank that alerts you when your coffee is ready. You no longer have to guess if your coffee is ready or not. The time it takes for the coffee to be ready depends on the strength of the coffee you want to make.


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