If you are looking for a safe, durable and quality blade, then go for this Premium Class Stainless Kitchen 6 Piece Knives Set for your comfort. Premium class stainless steel kitchen 6 Piece knives set is your ticket to cooking with ease. Perfect for cooking at home or in a commercial restaurant. This product produces you with a complete range of kitchen knives and blades for all your preparation. This 6 Piece knife includes;

  • It has an 8inch Chef Knife made with 2.5 mm blade thickness.
  • 8-inch Bread Knife which is made with 2.5 mm blade thickness.
  • An 8-inch Carving Knife made up of 2.5 mm blade thickness.
  • 5inch Utility Knife set which is made up of 2.5 mm blade thickness.
  • 3.5 inches Paring knife which is made up of 2 mm blade thickness.
  • Acrylic Stand for convenient storing of knives set.
Premium Class Stainless Steel Kitchen 6-Piece Knives Set

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This product is made with premium quality makes the knives tarnish-free and also it is rust-resistant. Therefore, you can enjoy making use of the blade along with its sharpness even after different use. It offers you a very comfortable grip when using it.

Features of Premium Class Stainless Kitchen 6 Piece Knives Set

This product comes with some really interesting features which make it a must have in your home or restaurant. It has some unique features, which are;

  • 420-grade stainless steel which makes it awesome.
  • Each piece of knife in this set comes with a solid stainless-steel design, that is to say, you don’t have to worry about the handles falling off.
  • The conservative blade thickness and the classic elite design allows for easy handheld use.
  • To maintain this product, do not use a dishwasher, rather use hand and dry immediately after use.

Where to buy the Product

This product will surely make cutting easy and fast has it comes with awesome features. If you wish to purchase it, you can get it on Amazon. Amazon offers the product at a cheaper and friend price for interested buyers.


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