If you are searching to make every knife cut feel like a slice through butter, then you should consider using McCook MC29 Knife Sets, 14 Pieces Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel. McCook MC29 knife sets, 14 Pieces Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel is for your cutting, chopping and mincing pleasure. This knife set is one of the best in the marketplace now. Easy to care for and comes in a high quality. These 14 self-sharpening knife pieces features a knife block with in slots sharpeners designed to keep them sharp whenever you use them. The set is complete that is to say, it has all the tools you could ever need to make a cut. You can slice, dice, mince and shop with joy when making your next dish with this product.

McCook MC29 Knife Sets

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Features of McCook MC29 Knife Sets,14 Pieces

McCook MC29 Knife set would be complete without some really great features which makes it one of the bets in the market. The set comes with very tempting and luring features, which include;

  • McCook knife set is made with a very high quality. Tarnish and rust resistant. This carbon stainless steep cutler set can be used in restaurant and culinary school.
  • It is a world class knife set.
  • McCook has gone through FDA and more than 3 checks.
  • Very easy to care for. Each has its bloc making it easy to store safely.
  • Users are guaranteed a 100% satisfaction. You can be a pro in the kitchen with this set.

Product Description

This knife set includes 1pc 8 chef knife. 1pc 8 slicing knife, 1pc 5 santoku knife, 1pc 5.5 serrated utility knife. 1pc 5 utility knife, 1pc 3.5 paring knife, 6pcs 4.5 steak knife. 1pc all purpose kitchen shears and 1pc hard word knife block with in built sharpener. To provide the sharpness and glossiness of the knives, do not make use of a dishware. After use, watch with your hands and dry them immediately.

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