Most pilots don’t like sitting on the left-hand Helicopter Pilot Seat near the cockpit. These pilots mostly don’t have eyes for the seat located on the left hand. This is because the pilot would want to use his or her hand in the middle of the cockpit to work the radios. However, they like to sit on the right side, which places the collective hand in the middle of the cockpit.

Helicopter Pilot Seat

Why do Helicopter Pilots sit in the Right Seat

Take a good look as a pilot, you are aware of a fixed-wing aircraft having side-by-side seating and dual controls but only a single set of instruments, those instruments are always positioned. The left seat is designed as the “pilot-in-command” or “captain” position for some airplanes.  For the helicopter, the situation appears to be reversed. The pilot in command appears to always occupy the right seat. As a pilot and a commander, you need to sit in the right Helicopter Pilot Seat.

How many people sit in a Helicopter

The helicopter can carry the amount that is designed to carry. In an emergency situation, the helicopter can carry as many as its power allows it to lift? Let’s look at this example, a CH-47 Chinook might be able to carry up to 40 fully equipped troop’s based on the spaces available.

Does a Helicopter have a Cockpit

A Helicopter has a cockpit. The cockpit of a helicopter is the center unit, determining the work of the helicopter; you see, the pilot will sit in the cockpit with a co-pilot.  The helicopter pilot can have other people in the front seat.

Why does a Helicopter have 2 Pilots?

A helicopter has two pilots as a relief pilot for the aircraft commander. It is as well a training position for the junior pilots to gain experience before advancing into the aircraft commander position.

Does Helicopter use a Key?

Yes, Almost all helicopters if not all have a key. This key is used to lock important places on the helicopter. It can be used to lock the cabin section as well.


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