Cameras that are sharp and smart are cameras that you should consider installing in your home. If you want to know what is going on around when you are not at home, when you are inside your house or you need some peace, then you need to install Household Security Cameras.

Household Security Cameras

Some smart cameras mostly use cloud storage and give you quality video feeds. This is so that you can check if your property is still intact in the way you left. It helps to avoid theft.

Some Household Security Cameras

Below I will be showing you some of the best household security cameras because there are very different cameras out there and one would be confused on the camera to purchase.

Netgear Arlo Pro 2

The camera is a starter pack that consists of a hub and two cameras. The cameras are very high and they are solid. They are capable of recording videos clearly of 1080p HD. These cameras can perform well both in indoor and outdoor because it has an IP65 waterproof and strong magnetic mounts.

Hive View

The hive view camera is one of the latest cameras which were made by the home manufacturer who is in charge of the well-known range of heating control. The camera has a detachable head which allows you to remove the head when situations like that arise. The camera has a good field of vision to view every corner of the home as long as the camera battery lasts.

Netgear Arlo Go

This camera works with a 4G LTE signal instead of a Wi-Fi. This means the camera works also with mobile coverage which is really good. It also has a waterproof and portable camera with a vision to view anywhere you want it to.

Nest Cam IQ

This camera has an IQ because of its intelligence. This camera can tell the difference between a human being and an animal. The camera can sense movement in the home. What makes it really special is that it can identify persons you know and the ones that you are unfamiliar with.

Hive Camera

The hive camera is one of kind because it doesn’t work with the Hive ecosystem. That’s because it has its own app which is dedicated to it.

Logi Circle

The logi system does not have the integration with a smart home system which you will have access to with a more advanced.  Instead, it is a standalone choice if you need a security camera. The camera also some good features which that can make you set some very good zones in your apartment.

BT Smart Home Cam

The BT Smart Home Cam is a very affordable option for you to consider. That’s because it helps you keep an eye on your home when you are not around. The design of the computer is filmy and it does not offer some features which are the 4K streaming or the cloud-based video storage.

Netatmo Presence

This computer is a strong security camera. It has a good shape that makes to be easily held in the arms and also it is very difficult for you to miss this camera which is basically its strength and also its weakness. The notification of this system can be adjusted so that you will only be notified when the camera identifies an animal or a human being.

Nest Cam Outdoor

This camera needs a subscription in order to function fully. The subscription is also to unlock all the features of the full site which is also common to all other cameras. The camera uses a magnet to connect to its base.

Reolink 16CH 5MP

This camera comes with a 16 channel 5MP POE NVR and 5MP camera. It also has HD quality video. The system of this camera has been upgraded with DIY installation and zero configurations. The camera also alerts you if it identifies someone unfamiliar.


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