Dalstrong Knife Set – Beautiful Kitchen Knives

Dues to the rapid growth of good kitchens evolving with tech gadgets Dalstrong decided to provide a knife set that could aid the cooking experience. As the saying normally goes, a good meal always originates from a good kitchen. Despite the automated cooking systems, scheduled utensils washing, the auto blending of ingredients and so on, the knife seems to be one of the kitchen utensils that haven’t been automated. Even with the help of electric choppers a traditional knife always has a place in our kitchens. Sometimes I think it would be the only kitchen utensil that would last forever.

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Contents of the Dalstrong Knife set

This knife set was designed to meet our every need when it comes to using a knife in the kitchen. Being composed of eight different knife pieces, it seems to be one of the best in the market. These knife set components include;

  • A chef knife of eight inches.
  • One bread knife of nine inches.
  • A santoku knife of seven inches.
  • A carving or slicer knife of nine inches.
  • One serrated utility knife of six inches.
  • A utility knife of six point five inches.
  • One gladiator series honing steel of eight inches.
  • A paring knife of three-point five inches.

The final component of this knife set is a wooden storage block.


Every knife in this set is made from high carbon steel with hand-polished serrated edges. When it comes to choosing the right knife, it is not about how sharp or luxurious the knife is rather it is about the material and the quality. The handle of a knife is what determines the accuracy if your chopping. This is why you should go for a knife with a good handle. Pakkawood was one of the key products when making this knife. With three rivets between it for both comfort and agility, it provides accuracy when chopping.

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