Do you have yellow teeth? Looking for a smile makeover? Crest Whitening Strips is an item to use in having that tooth you want. To start, its best you start by evaluating your whitening needs by looking at the color of your teeth. Knowing the factors that might have caused it. Whitening strips are great for whitening your teeth and making you put on that smile with confidence. You can whiten your yellow teeth by starting a whitening program. In five minutes a day, Whitening Stripes will not only remove stains but also protect the teeth from future stain build-up. If you want to get those white teeth you have always wished for, then Try this Whitening Stripes by Crest.

Whitening strips

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Features of Whitening Stripes

This great whitening product by Crest has some really nice features. Below are the features of Whitening Stripes:

  • Professional effects deliver professional-level teeth whitening results and it removes 14 years of teeth stains for a brighter smile.
  • 1-hour express whitens teeth faster than any. Even during when there’s no time to plan and removes years of stains in just an hour.
  • Whitening stripes helps to make your smile more noticeable.
  • Advanced Seal Technology. The slip grips stay put which means you can drink water and talk while whitening teeth. Apply it once a day.
  • It contains 20 professional effects and 21-hour express teeth whitening strip treatments. Each has one upper and lower stripe.

Description of Whitening strips

It helps you to reveal a bright and finer smile. They are like an eraser for your teeth. Removes the stains from the years in just a few minutes a day. No-slip grip means the strips stay put in one place until they are taken off. You can drink water like and talk even with Whitening Stripes on. It shows results in just 3 days and better results in 20 days. You can achieve professional-level teeth whitening results with a professional price tag.


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