Bluetooth Speaker SCIJOY  Portable wireless Speaker IPX6. If you really wanted a good wireless Bluetooth speaker or affordable speaker to use in your office or beach here is one for you. Bluetooth Speaker ScIJOY Portable Speaker IPX6 gives you good quality sound, deep bass, and clear sound, and it connects easily, pairing the same two of them together for stereo effect.

Bluetooth Speakers SCIJOY Portable Wireless Speaker IPX6

Waterproof perfect for the bathroom when you are in the shower. While playing music the speaker will tell you when the battery level comes to a low point so you have to charge the battery. 2600mAh battery capacity is 2-3 hours charging time, the battery level indicates whole day music play. After connecting to Bluetooth mobile phone, you don’t have to operate all you have to do use Google assistance or Alexa voice assistance will serve you better.

These are some of the features that will make you love these features. This feature comes with amazing quality. Check this below.

Features of The Product

  • [Excellent sound quality] Speaker Bluetooth wireless compact size and quality sound.
  • Waterproof speaker protects the inner of the Bluetooth speaker, free to use near the pool, beach.
  • It is very easy to operate and lightweight to carry anywhere.
  •   the speaker also remembers your last devices. Allowing you to connect in a short period of time.
  • Very easy to purchase with a small income

Where to Purchase this Product

This product can be purchased from different platforms the offline and online markets. It is a fast and easy way to purchase this product at Amazon. Amazon is the best place to purchase this Bluetooth Speaker ScIJOY Portable wireless Speaker IPX6 .it comes with 12-month Warranty to and 24hours mail consultation services. The gift or the product you order from Amazon will be delivered to your location. Check on Amazon to purchase this gift.


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