Have you gone to your workplace and you came back and found out that your home is not in order? technology has moved so higher than where it is before, there is the way you can watch over your home or office with Arlo Pro – Add-on Security Camera. With this camera, you can see whatever is going on in your home or in your office if you are not there. Arlo pro – add-on security camera helps you to expand your security system with a 100% wire-free HD camera with 2-way audio, motion detection. This camera is compatible with both Arlo Pro base station and also the original Arlo base station. Let dive into some of the features that this security camera has.

Arlo Pro - Add-On Security Camera

Features of the Camera

I have already listed some of the features inside the article but I am still going to list them out again for a clearer view. You will find the features of the Arlo pro – add-on security camera below.

  • It has 100 percent wire-free, which means you can place the camera anywhere you want to use. No cords or wiring hassles on it.
  • It has IP65 certified weather-resistant. You can use it inside the rain, sun, hot or cold.
  • The camera also has an HD quality view.
  • The camera is rechargeable, whenever the battery is down you can charge it in other to use it when there is no electric connection.
  • It also has 2-way audio which the camera used to listen in and talk back through the in-built speaker mic, straight from your smartphone.
  • This product came with advanced motion detection.
  • Also, with a night vision support.
  • Arlo pro – add-on security camera has 7-days cloud recording Arlo basic.
  • Local backup storage.
  • Smart siren.
  • Flexible powering options and also play well with others.

These are the features of this camera that I am talking about and you will see that all the features are amazing. This product covers every angle to help keep you safe and protected, the viewing angle is 130 degrees.

Where to Buy Arlo Pro – Add-On Security Camera

If you are thinking of buying this product, is not something that you should be worried about it. The product is available on Amazon, you just have to login your account and search the product on the search bar and you will find the camera on the result page.

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