Amazon Prime is a subscription-based service that gives you more features on the Amazon website. We all already know what amazon is. If you are hearing the word amazon for the first time, well amazon is the name of a place and also the name of the biggest online shopping company in the United States. This subscription gives owners access to services that other [people don’t have or would cost extra fees to ordinary amazon members.

Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime

The amazon prime subscription gives users access to two-day free delivery, unlimited streaming of music and video, along with tons of other benefits. In just April 2018, Amazon announced that this membership had over one million subscriptions worldwide. There are tons of other services related to this premium service.

Amazon Prime Service

I would be giving you a list of some of the services this prime membership has to offer you.  If you must know, this service was created in the year 2015. Here is the list of some of the premium services you can get with this subscription.

  • Prime music.
  • Prime Reading.
  • Access to Prime Video.
  • Prime Pantry.
  • Prime Now.
  • Amazon Key.
  • Prime Day., and
  • Prime Air.

These are some of the services you would get free access to if you subscribe to the amazon prime membership.

Amazon Prime Cost

How much does it cost to get this subscription? Well, that is the question everyone has been asking. You can start a free trial on this subscription for thirty days. You don’t have to pay any fee until the thirty days are completed. The standard prime membership costs just a hundred and nineteen dollars per year. The student membership costs fifty-nine dollars per year.  If you decide to pay monthly, the standard account costs 12.99 dollars and the student account costs 6.49 dollars.

Sign Up For an Amazon Prime Account

Signing up for a prime account on Amazon is very easy. Follow the steps below to open your account;

  • Open your web browser and navigate to
  • Note that following that link would give you an unlimited free trial.
  • Click the button that says “START YOUR 30-DAY FREE TRIAL”. You would also see the benefits of this membership on this page.
  • Enter your card details and follow the instructions that follow.

When you are through, you can start using this premium account.

Sign In To Amazon Prime

After signing up for an account, signing in is very easy. All you have to do is go to the link above and click it. after clicking, log in using your log in details.


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