Are you always worried about how your kids are doing in their room? Then you need to get this new product for your home. All-New Echo Dot Kids Edition is made for the younger ears. Use this product in your smart home for your kids. Just ask Alexa and Alexa will play music, answer questions and also tell jokes. Interesting right. The design is fun with an improved speaker. Get is all-new kid-friendly content for your smart home and stay worried free of the kids.

All-New Echo Dot Kids Edition

All-New Echo Dot Kids Edition

All-New Echo Dot Kids Edition is a newly improved Amazon Echo dot for kids with great skills. Get a free time-unlimited connects kids to fun and also educational skills from their favorite brands. The brands include Disney, Nickelodeon, Kid-friendly music, podcast and more. There are more than 1,000 audible books for kids within. It is created with an improved speaker and kids can enjoy their favorite music more. With Echo Dot Kids Edition, you can let your kids listen independently. As the product is made for kids, it filters out explicit music from Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify or Pandora.

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Parents can have peace of mind. With parental control, it is easy to review activity, set time limits, Pause Alexa, etc. It is made with far-field voice recognition, by that, it hears you from across the room. The product streams only audio it detects the wake word “ Alexa” or action button is pressed. With just one subscription, you can use unlimited possibilities. Make hands free calls. With other compatible Echo devices, use Drop in as a two-way intercom.

Features of Echo Kids

Kids’ edition of the Echo dot has some interesting features. Below are the features;

  • Designed with Kids in Mind. They can ask Alexa to hear stories, play music, call approved family and friends. They can also explore a world of kid-friendly skills.
  • It offers peace of mind for parents. Review activities and also set daily time limits. It filters out explicit songs from music services.
  • Kids enjoy endless fun.
  • Two years worry-free guarantee. Receive when broken.
  • Kid-friendly content.
  • Let your kids explore on their own. This smart speaker lets kids ask Alexa questions, set timers and alarms or check the weather.
  • Echo Dot Kids is designed for your project your family’s privacy. There are multiple layers of privacy protection and controls including a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the microphones.

Where to Buy the Product

Amazon Echo Dot purchased from different platforms incluidng eBay and other famous stores. But if you’re in for the best, then head to Amazon. Amazon is a store where you can buy kinds of stuff as gifts or personal use. They deliver your products worldwide to the location you want.


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