At night when some ladies try to find a dress to put on they end up being confused. Do you know it is hard for them to make a choice? A certain type of dress fit different types of bodies. This is why we will be looking at 15 Types of Dresses a Lady Must Have. There are many dresses in this generation so it is always hard for a lady to pick a beautiful dress to wear. Most times the dress that we love never look good on us and we are supposed to put it in our mind that the sizes of our body is always changing because at times we gain weight and later on we also lose weight.

15 Types of Dresses a Lady Must Have

In order for you to look good when going to work, running of errands, attending parties and occasions such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and burial celebrations you need to look at the dress you are putting if it fits your personality. Questions like does this shoe really fits this shirt I am putting on, Does this neck chain really fit this shirt I am putting on should be asked. So let me show you the 15 types of dresses every lady must-have.

List of the 15 Types of Dresses a Lady Must Have

Finally, we’ve gotten to the section of my article where I will share with you the 15 types of dresses a lady must-have. You should pay close attention if you haven’t been. This is the only way you can grab hold of what will be discussed.

Shift Dress

The shift dress in the early 1960s has a common, body-fitted shape. It is short in length and handless. It is meant for people who have a slim body shape and look tall in appearance. This shirt can be used to wear a short jacket and a pair of back heels.

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Line Dress

The line dress is like an A-shaped dress. It fits the hips of any lady who puts it on. It’s good for when going out casually. You can easily put it on and off when in a hurry.

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Bodycon Dress

The bodycon dress is a type of shirt that exposes your hips or your curves. It is tight so it brings out your shape for everyone to see. It is made with a stretchy material which is good for going out at night.

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Wrap Dress

The wrap dress consists of a belt in the waist for tying at the back. It has a front closure for wrapping each side of the breast. It is very perfect for people with good athletic body shape.

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Halter dress

The halter dress is not a dress for winter, rather it is a dress for summer. It has an upper half that looks sleeveless. Around the neck there is a tie. The type of dress is most wanted for ladies who want to expose their shoulders.

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High-low Dress

The high-low dress is like a form of asymmetric dress. It is a type of dress that looks longer at the back and very short at the front. It can be used with a high heel shoe so that the back of the dress does not touch the floor. This type of dress is meant for all those people who want to show their sexy-shaped body.

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Sheath Dress

The sheath dress is a fitting dress. It ends at the knee or down the knee. It is best used when going out at night or when going to an event.

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Peplum Dress

The peplum dress is originated from the Greeks. It is for ladies who love a gallant style. it can be paired with a high heel shoe which makes you look taller and waist may look sexy-tiny.

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Empire Waist Dress

The empire waist originated from the 18th century. The dress will stick to the top of your abdomen for most ladies if not all.

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Sweater Dress

The sweater dress is made by knitting. The sweater dress can be body fitted or loosed. The length of these dresses are very different from each other. It can be paired with a sneaker or a high boot that reaches the thigh if you want to look casual.

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Pencil Dress

If you are going out on a date and you want to really impress the person you are going out with, the pencil dress is the best option for you. Why is it called a pencil dress? It is called a pencil dress because at the bottom it looks penciled. It can be used with a plunging neck chain.

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Slip Dress

You would want to wear this slip dress as an undergarment. It is like a satin material. It has a v-neck shape and a lace. You can dress it with a pair of boots. A white t-shirt is worn underneath it to give it a very nice look

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Smock Dress

The smock dress is a very beautiful dress for everybody to love. It is very comfortable when it’s on your body. The Smock dress is not a body fitted dress. It consists of two types. There is one with a long sleeve and another with a short sleeve. It can be used with a leather jacket and ankle boots

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The ballgown is a dress that can be used when going to a ball party. The dress normally touches the floor. It is very good for playful events such as a blue tie dress code. The ball gown is a good dress to put on especially when you are entering a ball party.

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Tube Dress

The tube dress is typically a dress you put on while making an entrance to make a very good impact. While putting the dress on, you can easily show off your body. It is a tube dress that is tight, body fitted and seductive. What makes it very special is because the dress is perfect for all people. It also brings out your beauty.

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