In the olden days, people were known to stove to warm our food. Unfortunately, today life is so busy and families don’t have much time in cooking large meals. First of all, let’s define a microwave in simple terms. Microwave is a part of an electromagnetic spectrum with a large infrared and short radio wave. It is an oven that cooks food very quickly. Whether you are from a single or large family where cooking is the order of the day, then you should consider using a Microwave. This is why I will be introducing 10 Microwave for Kitchens. Microwave today is not the smallest machine in the world but one of the most powerful machines in the house that make cooking easier.

10 Microwave for Kitchens

10 Microwaves for Kitchens

Here, in this section of my article, I will be sharing with you 10 Microwaves for Kitchens. YOu can consider purchasing this microwave for your kitchen.

Toshiba (ECO42A5C-BS) Microwave Oven

Toshiba (ECO42A5C-BS) Microwave Oven is very convenient and easy to use.  The Toshiba oven is amazing not only when it comes to the features, but the appearance as well. This compacted microwave offers you a sensor and cooking function for reheating food. The microwave also comes with an Auto menu for basic cooking settings, like defrosting and roasting.

Panasonic (NN-SD775S) Microwave with Inverter

This Panasonic microwave inverter is ultra-efficient. When it comes to cooking items it does not take up to an hour before it defrosts food. The microwave was designed with an inverter that helps you to deliver a continuous stream of cooking power so your food gets cooked as quickly as possible. Now some microwave removes the nutrient of some food and their flavor but with this inverter, everything about the food can be retained.

Amazon Basics Microwave, compact, O.7 Cu ft., 700W – Works with Alexa

This Amazing thing about this microwave is that it comes with Alexa voice control. This new microwave by amazon is one of the newest Alexa family members. You should know that you can control it by using your voice. It is designed with 10 power level and it comes with a timer to time food when defrosting.

LG MS42960SS 42L Inverter microwave

One of the best things about this microwave is that it accommodates a larger range of meals. The 42L capacity is the perfect size for the family to reheat meals. It comes with inverter and it works with a temperature that controls electricity.

Kogan 28L Stainless Steel convection Microwave oven Grill

Kogan 28L is a microwave that works just as simple as the name. The Kogan stainless steel convection microwave oven has the ability to cater to all your needs. It comes with three handy functions that will make your cooking easy. The 10 pre-set cooking settings that come with it make it easy to pick the right time and temperatures.

LG Neochef 25 litre Mow

When it comes to aesthetic, the LG Neochef  25 litre  is probably one of the best microwave ovens. This gorgeous LG black design also comes with a lot of output up to 1000w. The operation is very sensitive with a glass surface touch to control.

Sharp R995D  1000W Microwave convection Oven

This convection technology can be used to produce a large range of meals. This microwave can help roast chicken, the inverter offers control cooking with shorter cook time.

Breville the Quick Touch Microwave oven

Breville oven is one of the best and trusted brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. If you are in the market to purchase a microwave,  you consider this microwave. The Breville quick touch Microwave oven is easy to use and understand. It comes with a range of colors. You can clearly see the reason why this microwave is among the best 10 Microwave for Kitchens.

Panasonic Microwave oven, 2.2  CU. Ft capacity

The  Panasonic microwave is your ultimate choice when it comes to cooking. It is a 2.2 cubic foot microwave which is good enough for almost any family. the stainless steel design will guarantee that you have an easy time when it comes to cleaning. The child safety lock has been put in place to guarantee that the baby will not mess with the oven. With the power rating of 1250 watts, you can be rest assured that the oven will take a very short time to make your food ready to eat.

Frigidaire UMV14US Microwave Oven

Before you make up your mind to purchase any microwave oven it is advisable to take it into consideration the Frigidaire UMV14US Microwave Oven. It has been equipped with an automatic sensor which helps to adjust the power as well as the cooking time.

Above are listed some of the 10 Microwave for Kitchens you should consider purchasing today.

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